how it all started

summers brothers racing

Fifty-two years ago, in November of 1965, the Summers Brothers Goldenrod, a 4-engined arrow of gold with an estimated 2400 horsepower on tap, was piloted by Bob Summers to a staggering 409.277 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. This amazing feat set a wheel driven Land Speed Record that has yet to be beaten in the Goldenrod’s engine class.

At Summers Brothers, we know that racing makes special demands. When a racer has a unique problem, we are eager to listen and willing to work out a solution.  Many of the products we manufacturer are the result this interaction. When high-traction tires overtaxed stock axles, Summers Brothers developed forged steel axles.

In racing, change is constant.  That is why Summers Brothers is dedicated to continually updating and improving our products and maintaining the same standard of excellence that created the Goldenrod. For Summers Brothers, creating the finest racing products in the world is a way of life.